Watching The Skies 2

Sunday 18th July under the stars as we continue our weekends skywatch but this time a different location of Alton Barnes Wiltshire.

Our team for the night's expedition consisted of Paul Matthews a veteran UK Marine who specialises in night scope equipment & recording, Jay McCormick a life long friend with multiple UFO sighting experience, Sarah & Marie ( Surnames withheld by request) who are (for the use of a better phrase) two CE5 'ambassadors' who along with Paul Matthews reached out to me 6 months ago with the idea to do this sky watch at this location for this particular date !!!

A very hot day turned into a warm night with temperatures for the UK a little on the warm side for comfortable sleeping. Clear skies and with a multitude of cameras all set up we made our overnight camp upon Milk Hill over looking the fields below with a canal and canal pub within a short drives distance.

Earlier in the evening before sundown both Sarah & Marie conducted a meditated 'seance' with us all to invite and make good intentions with any listening visitors to our location. I have attended both well planned and poorly executed seance's of various degrees in the past so experienced as to what to expect and I understand the process of protection and closure. This seance lasted a good hour or so and to be honest I felt comfortable with what was happening.

We saw a lot of satellite action more or less as soon as the skies were dark enough and with Pauls high spec night scopes we were able to watch a fair amount of their activity on our 2 field monitors..... Not a great deal else was happening at all to be honest and as the time creeped up to 3am, the first signs of the dawn's light began to slightly brighten the skies, so we all agreed that maybe it was time to pack up and call it a night.

That is when the action began. At 03.08 Paul calls out

''Low flying orange lights approaching from the South South West''

We all turned our heads to the direction to see 3 orange lights flying in very low following the contour of the land towards us at a fairly brisk speed.... By now Paul has re engaged his night scopes whilst Jay and I manned a digital camera each and began to start filming.

What proceeded to happen next included some silent low flying manoeuvres from these orange lights at incredible speeds in the fields below of our vantage point on the hill... We also managed to capture 2 Army Lynx Helicopters which at first caught us unaware as they flew in from the opposite direction ... The three orange lights did not hang around and as the helicopters came in to intercept, all three lights silently took off vertically at great speed disappearing into the early dawns sky not to be seen by us again....

The whole incident took no longer than 5 minuets in total. We did not hear the Lynx helicopters approach until they were more or less skimming the contours of the land below us, so it was a shock to see them there... I found it very strange we did not hear the helicopters coming in as we should have heard their loud rotating blades well before we saw them, especially at night !!

After the lights had disappeared One of the helicopters flew over our location and circled above us at about 200 feet, which was enough to hurry our decision to leave a bit more prominent lol.. We went back to the carpark on the other side of the hill and quickly packed our stuff into our cars, whilst shouting plans over the noise of the helicopter which by now was only about 100 foot above us, that we should all regroup soon and discuss what we had experienced.....

Thankfully both Jay and i managed to capture the orange lights & Helicopters on our digital video cameras and Paul has only just confirmed that he captured footage of both lights and helicopters on his night scope..

I have also been told today from Paul and the two ladies, that they had been followed by the Helicopter as they drove home towards the Marlborough area in Wiltshire. They said that it was just one helicopter but left them as they headed towards the main route headed towards London... Both Jay and I saw no helicopters follow us on our way home in the opposite direction, and we were looking out for them lol

I have given this account some serious consideration before disclosing too much info right now, especially on social media, yes we could release pictures and a clip or two from our cameras, but the full account needs to be explored and fully examined by us all . Never the less we hope to release footage along with a much fuller summery of this account on our documentary ''Invited by design'' due for release early 2022...