The Sauchie Poltergeist: (And other Scottish ghostly tales)

By Malcolm Robinson


This is undoubtedly the biggest poltergeist case of its kind in Scotland, (if not the United Kingdom)

Not only were the poltergeist events witnessed in the family household, but they also followed the unfortunate little girl to her local school, where the poltergeist was equally disruptive in full view of Virginia’s classmates and teacher.

The credibility of the witnesses to these bizarre events consisted of two local doctors, a local minister, and a number of other Church of Scotland Ministers, each of whom were stunned to view the astonishing events in the Campbell household. Researcher Malcolm Robinson takes a look back at this impressive 1960 case, and his re-investigation of it.

Malcolm managed to track down some of the witnesses, and their impressive testimony is included in this block buster of a book. Dr Nisbet. The Campbell’s Local G.P was quoted as saying,

“Virginia is not responsible for what has happened. The child is innocent. What has taken place was not conjured by the child herself, an outside agent is responsible. Believe me, something unfortunate has been going on in that house. The girl was hysterical all the time the phenomenon was appearing ”.

Dr. A.R.G. Owen, Mathematician and psychical researcher, stated ,

“In my opinion the Sauchie case must be regarded as establishing beyond all reasonable doubt the objective reality of some poltergeist phenomena”.

Whilst the Reverend T.W. Lund stated,

“It was a very humbling experience and I felt we were in the presence of forces hitherto almost unknown, that we were just on the edge of a more or less uncharted ocean, that was my own feeling”.

A frightening tale, of one of Scotland’s biggest ever poltergeist outbreaks.