The Proof Is In The Truth

More location filming takes place for our THE INVITED documentary takes place as The Zykotika Studio crew interview only the best investigating the High Strangeness Phenomena.. We focused our attention recently upon the amazing & compelling activity collated by UK researcher Paul Sinclair

Paul has been busy over the past few years investigating various reports ranging from UFO sightings

to live stock mutilations as well as first hand witnessed encounters concerning strange cryptozoological sightings,

all of which are reported to occur in & around Pauls local area of Bempton situated North of Bridlington

on the East coast of Yorkshire...

As pictured The Zykotika Studio's John Summers (right) chats with Paul Sinclair

at Bempton Cliffs just one of the many locations mentioned in Paul's compelling investigative books TRUTH PROOF Volumes 1,2 & 3.

Now to say this location holds a peculiar paranormal atmosphere is to say the least.

Later after filming had finished some of our film crew members did experience 'something strange' later that night in the form of strange lights in the nights sky that seemed to be working with the concious thoughts of the film crew, almost playing with their belief in what they were experiencing...

The Zykotika Studio film crew are planning a re-visit but this time as a studied 'Skywatch' and we hope to bring you further news of this soon...Our production team can concur that this atmospheric & peculiar location does indeed provide evidence to accounts of strange aerial phenomena reported in the TRUTH PROOF books.... Photo credit Chris Evers of The Outer Limits Magazine. Thanks for your help Chris...


UK Author and researcher Paul Sinclair lives in the seaside town of Bridlington, on the North East coast of Yorkshire, with his wife and family. He has been investigating strange phenomena in the area since 2002.

The coastal area around Bridlington has a deep history of folklore, strange sightings and mysterious disappearances and Paul is in the middle of it all.

Published in 2016, Paul's first book entitled Truth-Proof, is a collection of first-hand accounts and recollections of local UFO activity, missing people, alien big cats, missing aircraft and other anomalous phenomena. Paul is the most thorough investigator, who is not content with hearsay or rumours. He studies and researches his subjects to the minutest detail, looking for documented evidence that backs up everything in Truth-Proof. If the evidence is not available - he looks further and deeper until it is found.

For Truth-Proof, Paul has interviewed witnesses to events far stranger than anything reported worldwide. Some are recent, some historical, but they are always fascinating.

Paul is well known locally for his work and has made many friends who rely on his credibility and confidentiality.

Truth-Proof is his first published work, which show-cases his efforts to collate the strange truths that surround him every day...

from the 'intelligent' lightforms that are seen by many, both on land and out to sea, to the mysterious disappearances of ordinary men around the cliff-tops of nearby Flamborough and Bempton.