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JUNE 2021 - ISSUE 146


The Billion Dollar Faith Industry Con - Deliverance Ministry Theology and Prosperity: In this controversial article, magazine regular Milton Grover takes a critical look at the hugely profitable (no pun intended) and slightly worrying world of TV evangelism.

The Lights Upon the Hills: New contributor Richard Rokeby describes the strange crossover between the paranormal and Ufology.

Who is in Charge?: The Illusion of our Choices. In this truly remarkable short article, Jill Mattson reveals that sound affects us in subtle ways that we can hardly begin to imagine Rosalind Reynolds - Close Encounter. In this article adapted from his the recently reissued book, 'Without Consent', veteran UFO researcher Philip Mantle tells of a troubling close encounter involving Rosalind Reynolds and what a hypnotic regression session revealed about the incident....

Confessions of a Time Traveling "Star Goddess": Do some of us actually have off-world experiences and encounter extraterrestrial beings? Sean Casteel takes a look of the case of Diane Tessman who claims to have done just that.

Truth or Fantasy?: In this article John Ventre takes a look of two of the icons of early Ufology, he presents the facts, but leaves you, the reader, to decide whether that are valid or not.

All this as well as recent paranormal news from around the world, details of events and conferences, book reviews, stargazer information, hyperlinked advertisements and much more...