Guardians of the Dead

By Philip Kinsella

Is there an afterlife? Are such things as Angels and Spirit Guides real? Does God exist? Medium, Philip Kinsella takes the reader on a personal, psychic journey of discovery, revealing that there does indeed appear to be hidden forces assisting mankind in all areas of life.

He also demonstrates how communication can be achieved through a variety of means and reveals how consciousness works. The human brain is the conduit which allows such alternate realms of awareness into this third-dimensional matrix we call Earth. Consciousness is the real essence of what we represent on a spiritual nature of reality, and not the flesh-and-blood we occupy. Death, he hypothesises, is not the end, but a process whereby our souls are liberated beyond all the known laws of creation. Angels and Spirit Guides are here to remind us of our inherent greatness; that we are more than we could ever dream.

Guardians of the Dead’ also takes into consideration reincarnation and the soul’s ability in recalling past-lives. This warm and honest book reveals the author’s struggles in ascertaining a truth that has been hidden from us – that we ALL survive death!

PAPERBACK - £13.99